AEP gridSMART Community Assistance Program

Free - Energy Efficient Electric Measures

Designed to work in conjunction with the Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP), the AEP gridSMART Community Assistance Program (CAP) can provide and install energy efficient electric measures free of cost.


  • Franklin and Richland Counties.


  • Energy inspection to determine which cost-effective electric energy conservation services can be installed.
  • The installed energy efficient measures may include lightbulbs, shower heads and faucet aerators, water heater insulation blankets, and replacement refrigerators and/or freezers.


  • Must be an AEP Ohio customer.
  • Must be currently participating in (or income eligible for) one of the following: HEAP, HWAP, PIPP Plus.
  • Home owner or renter.
  • Single family homes, duplexes, apartments, mobile homes, and condos are all eligible.

To Apply:

  • Call our office at (614) 861-7992 in Franklin County or (419) 774-0457 in Richland County